Lafour Dance Academy

Class Descriptions

Street Jazz - Learn and perform, funky and dynamic moves to chart Music. Street Jazz classes are lots of fun but also help students improve understanding of rhythm, precision of movement, performance confidence and choreographic skills.

Tap Dance -  Tap is fantastic skill to learn, not to mention show off! Inspired by the greats Bill ‘BoJangles’ Robinson, Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell and Gene Kelly, classes are suitable for both boys and girls. With fun fast paced footwork and lots of performing opportunities you won’t want to miss out. 

Prima Ballet -  Suitable for ages 3 - 7. Classes are designed to engage children’s imagination, develop free expression and creative movement. Children gain a clear understanding of rhythms and good basic dance technique with enjoyable music, percussion instruments, songs, mimes, props and stagecraft games.


Tap Dance - All Levels

Saturday's at Sandhurst School (term time only)

1pm till 1.45pm

£5 Pay as you go

Please bring Tap shoes!



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