Taster Sessions

Bring A Friend For A Fiver Day (BAFFAF)

This takes place on one Saturday in the middle of each term. As the title suggests all students are invited to bring a friend for just £5! Outside enquirers who have shown an interest in joining LTS are also invited. Each taster session includes workshops in drama, singing and dance. This gives prospective students the opportunity to learn along side current Lafour students and experience what we do at theatre school each week. At the end of the Taster session parents and students are welcome to ask any questions they may have about LTS. Venue: Sandhurst School. 

New Term Taster

Prospective Students are invited to join us on the first day of term as an introduction to Theatre School with a view to continuing with the term.


Dates for Taster Sessions for 2022 are:




Saturday 23rd April 2022 - Open Taster Day


Saturday 28th May 2022 - BAFFAF 






Please go to the contact page to book your Taster Session.