Testimonials for Lafour Theatre School

I have been at lafour for 10 years and it is an amazing drama club that has over the years helped me grow and develop in theatre and as a person as a whole. I have really enjoyed the time and do not plan on leaving. Everyone is friendly and welcoming to new people. The club is an amazing place to spend your Saturday's and improve in the theatre in all ways. The shows are great and I have played many characters throughout my time at the club, but one of my favourite roles was Uncle Fester in the Addams family.Nathan Grinter - Centre Stage - Age 15
Lafour is where I’ve grown up, made a family and been able to expand my passion for singing, dancing and acting. Every Saturday is filled with laughter and happiness, I look forward to my Saturday every week. It’s where I can see my friends and express myself without feeling judged or exposed. I’ve been helping out the teachers in the morning and it’s no longer like I’m one of their students, they’ve become a friend to me and it’s so inspiring to see Tiffany, Sabrina and Casey work with us and the younger children. Lafour has been my home for 12 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way.Olivia Hetherington - Centre Stage - Age 16
I’ve been at lafour since I was 4 and it has honestly been the best years of my life and I can’t remember not being here, every week I look forward to seeing my friends and being at a place where I can express myself. I enjoy every aspect of lafour from dance lessons to performing shows each term. The Christmas show is always the best as the whole of lafour puts on a show together and we can all see how much we have all grown. My favourite show has been ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’ where I played Lucy.I loved this role as I really got to show what I have been working towards at lafour. I was able to perform solos and show how much I have grown as an actor, singer and a dancer. Private lessons are also a great way to help your technique, I do tap and singing lessons and they have helped me so much with my technique and they have allowed me to be more confident in myself. Lafour has helped me grow confidence from being a shy 4 year old to a confident 12 year old. I have gained so many lifelong friends from lafour and I can’t wait to continue learning and seeing my friends each week. Isobel Geary - Centre Stage - Age 13
Lafour adds something special to my life. It is an opportunity to make friends, perform on stage and have fun. The teachers are very kind, helpful, understanding and are exceptionally passionate about what they do. The memories you create at Lafour are priceless and so is getting to know everyone here. You can never get enough of Lafour! Anneli Davies - Age 10 - Centre Stage
I have been at Lafour for many years and I absolutely love it! It is the highlight of my week and I have made so many friends whilst being a member. When I came, I was a shy girl just looking to have some fun and Lafour did much more than delivered. I have grown in confidence massively and now performing is my favourite thing to do. I think the friendship made in the rehearsals and when performing shows will last for ever. The teachers at Lafour are amazing and always keep us motivated! I would like to thank Lafour for helping me grow as a person and expand my love for Musical Theatre.
Izzie Warren - Centre Stage (Age 15)
Lafour is a great place to go on on a Saturday. It fills my weekend with laughter, and keeps me up and active on a Saturday afternoon. My peers who attend Lafour have a great sense of optimism throughout our work and never cease to cheer you on and you will quickly become integrated into the community of friends.The teachers really push you to work at your best standard, and help you to put lots of passion into your work. The work done can help express greater performance in later shows, and even if your part is at first small, the teachers and students will help expose the potential and you will soon be one of the lead roles!
Joe Garcia - Centre Stage - Age 14

Why I love Lafour - A Poem by Jacob Grinter (Age 11)

Lafour is the place we need, For hyperactive and talented children like me. All through the hallways, All through the floors, All you can hear is laughter and plays.

Tiffany, Casey, Sabrina and more,

The work they put in is worth coming in the door.

The plays they put on are joyful and fun,

And may cause us to dress like a religious nun.

Dancing, singing, acting and dress, Out of all of them this club is the best. Despite being there for only one year, The friends I have made are nice and I do not fear.

Once again Lafour is the best place i could be,

I am sure everyone who comes would agree.

Lafour is the place everyone should be, 

it can’t get any better as it fills hearts with glee.

I think Lafour is amazing!! It is so easy to make friends with everyone, and I love all the shows we get to do.
Zoë Clark, aged 8 from 1st Stage
Zoe is happiest when she is at Lafour. She has so much fun rehearsing and performing with her friends. We are always impressed by the standard of singing, acting and dancing that the students display and look forward to each performance. I would recommend Lafour to any parent looking for a friendly, professional theatre school.
Anna Clark, Zoë’s mum.
Our daughter has been attending Lafour for the last 8 years and absolutely loves it. From a parents point of view Lafour has certainly developed her character and given her the confidence and the ability to express herself well. Whilst at Lafour she has gained some great friends and she sees the other students and the teachers as more like a family outside of her own family. Since Tiffany took over Lafour she has done a great job in modernising the shows and adding a twist of humour in particular to the outstanding Pantomimes.
Linda, Mum of Sabrina Thakore, aged 14 from Centre Stage.
La4 is the highlight of my son's week.
Lindsay Norton, Mum to Henry, aged 9 from 1st Stage.
I come to Lafour because it is a great place to build my confidence, with all the shows that we do. Also all the people here are all friendly and great to talk to. The teachers are amazing in what they do and are more like friends. At Lafour I feel safe, because we are all like one big family! :)
Megan Crawshaw, aged 12 from Centre stage.
La4 helped me build confidence and gave me the determination to want to succeed as a performer. I'm sure that without La4's help I would not have got a place at the Brit school this year! Not only is it the perfect place to learn, but you are always supported by your teachers and peers giving it a fun and friendly environment too.
Ben Addington, ex Pupil. Age 16 now studying Musical Theatre at the BRIT School London.
I come to La4 because it is so fun and everyone there is like a big family to me! All the teachers are kind and supportive, I love going every Saturday!
Jade Blackmore, aged 11 from Centre Stage.