LTS Centre Stage: Ages 10 - 18 yrs.


Class Times

2pm till 5pm, Saturdays term time at Sandhurst School,


At Centre Stage students can further develop their skills in all aspects of performance and are expected to show a high level of dedication and hard work to bring out their best of their potential. Centre Stage Students are offered more responsible and challenging roles in our productions.

What we do

Autumn Term

Students work creatively towards their Christmas Pantomime!
Auditions for Pantomime will be at the start of term.

Spring Term

Drama: Classical or Contemporary to include titles from e.g. Shakespeare, Greek mythology, Poetry
Dance: Traditional e.g. Folk, Ballroom, Jive, Latin, Jazz
Singing: Classical or traditional same era as dance or drama piece
Showcase: Our annual Showcase competition is an opportunity for students to prepare and rehearse a performance piece of their own choice either solo, with a partner or as a small group. A winner is awarded a trophy based on effort, performance and creativity.

Summer Term

Musical Theatre e.g. The Sound of music, Chicago, Blood Brothers, Wicked, The Wizard of Oz, Les Miserable, etc.
Annual Variety Show & Awards. Matinee & evening performances featuring students from Mini Theatre School, 1st Stage & Centre Stage.


Admission to Centre Stage is by audition, students from 1st Stage who achieve a competent standard in all three performing arts disciplines as well as outside applicants are welcome to audition. A mature attitude is considered to be an important part of this selection process.

Audition Requirements for Centre Stage (Ages 10 yrs - 18yrs)

Drama piece of approx 1 - 2 minutes
Dance - no longer than 1 minute
The verse and chorus of a song - unaccompanied